The HALO XL Trauma Dressing is similar in design and functionality to the traditional HALO SEAL, but with larger dimensions to cover more chest area. HALO XL saves lives by clinging to the contours of the victim's body even when moisture, dirt, blood or other residue is present.

HALO XL can also be applied to secure other adhesive dressings and sealant agents in areas of the body that are more difficult to bandage, providing adequate occlusion and support.

While HALO XL is highly effective at restricting blood loss, increased air pressure on the chest cavity could still cause lungs to collapse. To reduce this risk, consider purchasing the HALO VALVE, which regulates airflow and further stabilizes the victim's condition.

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Product Features

  • Superior hydrophilic gel adhesion
  • Entirely translucent
  • Retains effectiveness when debris or residue are present
  • Durable packaging that maintains integrity when folded
  • Notched on all four corners for easy opening
  • Adhesive reseals after venting
  • No mechanical vent to occlude
  • No residue once removed
  • No latex used in the manufacturing of the product

Product Specifications

  • Two seals to treat entrance and exit wounds
  • Performs in temperatures up to 150°F
  • 3-year shelf life
  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 12"
  • Manufactured in U.S.
  • Available in any quantity

How It Works


Clean and dry wound.


Remove one product from release liner.


Apply vented seal to wound adhesive side down.


Apply light pressure to assure adhesion.