Who is HALO?

The name of our brand is no coincidence; HALO saves lives by blanketing wounds in an adhesive, supportive gel that prevents blood loss and stabilizes severe injuries. The non-resorbable, non-sterile occlusive dressing creates a mechanical barrier that gives victims a greater chance at recovery.


The traditional HALO product is designed to stop excessive bleeding at the victim's point of injury and stabilize the open wound.


This product is similar in functionality to the HALO SEAL, but is ideal for treating larger chest wounds.


The latest innovation from HALO prevents blood loss, while also stabilizing pressure on the chest cavity.


Originally developed for military use, our dependable products are ideal for law enforcement, fire departments, schools, universities, emergency medical personnel, disaster relief agencies, or personal first aide kits. HALO is intended for anyone that may need to respond to penetrating chest wounds.

What makes HALO special?

HALO is the preferred brand of medical dressings and sealant agents. Here's why:


HALO products feature a two-sealant adhesive that clings to the victims wound and repels perspiration, dirt, and other liquids that could reduce the gel's effectiveness.


While similar products restrict vision, HALO products allow medics to view the injury and monitor the seriousness of its condition.


HALO's unique design gives users the ability to fold the product in any manner. This enables users to carry HALO in IFAK kits or where space is limited without effecting performance.


HALO products have large pull tabs for quick and easy application. The adhesive gel and unique oval shape allow the seal to instantly mold to the victim's body, requiring little pressure to activate.